Ennova Financial Platform is a platform that includes neglected class of people in the financial system, and is designed to operate independently, and to enable more diverse services by connecting to each other organically.

Ennova exists for all businesses where financial transactions take place. Ennova's business is everywhere you need to simplify complex structures, dispose of scattered values in one place, and value valuable materials more.

Financial Platform

Ennova is a financial platform provider and service company that has a financial platform consisting of ①Payment Gateway (E-PG) ②Point (E-AP) ③Blockchain Identity and Qualification (E-DI) ④Big Data Analysis (E-BA). In addition to their respective platform roles, they are interconnected to provide more secure and powerful capabilities.

Services & Application

Using Ennova's fintech technology, it provides new simple payment methods such as point payment and cryptocurrency payment in addition to the existing card payment, and also provides domestic/overseas remittance services using the en-Cash. This technology minimizes the existing high fees and provides a win-win service for users, merchants, and financial sources (banks, cards, mobile carriers, public institutions).

Easy Payment

On/Offline Simple Payment

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Domestic/Overseas Remittance

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Ennova Simple Payment APP

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Point of Sale

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