TIER app is an offline simple payment application provided by Ennova that is used in transactions between E-PG's affiliated stores, individual, and stores(individuals).
The main functions of the TIER app are simple payment, remittance, charging points, merchant location information, and variety of other services.
Users can also charge points through rewards.

Subscriber/Member Management

・Subscribe via phone, email authentication
・Manage pin numbers (6 digits) for easy payment
・Level management based on history of use (diamond, gold, silver, etc.)

Show / Scan QR

As a simple payment method, we provide QR payment method: customer → merchant(Show) → customer(Scan)

Payment Method Management

Payable Card (VISA, MASTER, …), Bank Card (ABSA, Nedbank, FNB, …), Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, AUC) etc. provide registration/deletion function

Link to Cryptocurrency Exchange (SSO)

Supports cryptocurrency exchange linkage for remittance and payment

Account Management

・A paymentable account (bank, cryptocurrency, etc.) ・Manage remittanceable accounts and histories of others


Provides remittance functions to the same TIER user

Affiliated Stores

・Provides a list of offline affiliated stores where simple payment can be used
・Provides quick directions and view functions.

Rewards / Events

・Point rewards provided to loyal customers or users ・Event registration and view function provided for offline stores.

Service Utilization

Users can use the TIER app at the POS used by E-PG, and for simple payment, they can select a payment method that exists on the app and process QR (Show / Scan) payments.
In addition, you can transfer points and coins registered in the TIER app to your friends.

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TIER Level

The TIER App users are provided with different benefits depending on the gradings of TIER level where this levels are graded through the degree of authentication. The TIER Level consists total of five, and has the following characteristics.

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Preparing the contents

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