Ennova Financial Platform

Ennova is a financial platform provider and service company that has a financial platform consisting of ①Payment Gateway (E-PG) ②Point (E-AP) ③Blockchain Identity and Qualification (E-DI) ④Big Data Analysis (E-BA). In addition to their respective platform roles, they are interconnected to provide more secure and powerful capabilities.

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Ennova Payment Gateway

① On/Offline PG
② POS(Desktop, Mobile, App)
③ Expand payment method (point, cryptocurrency, etc.)
④ Low commission (affiliated stores, banks, etc.)

Ennova Advanced Point

① Issue and manage IC card/point
② Point simple payment / charging
③ Collecting points by purchasing and reward
④ Provide exclusive mobile app

Ennova Decentralized Identify

① Blockchain identification service
② Double security associated with E-AP and E-PG

Ennova Big Data Analysis

① Transaction information analysis service
② User analysis and product recommendation
③ Self-credit analysis service provided

E-Payment Gateway

E-PG(Ennova - Payment Gateway) platform is a platform that supports payment networks with merchants and banks (cards) and is designed to accommodate both traditional payment methods, while allowing transactions on their points and points issued by E-AP (Advanced Point).


E-PG supports all payment methods such as IC, magnetic, and NFC, and supports apps that also support QR and Barcode payments. And provide various management functions to easily handle all functions related to approval/payment/settlement of merchants. In addition, it is designed in a more secure and expandable structure through an organic connection with the company's other financial platforms.

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E-PG have two main characteristics. ① Provides a payment network and additional services that support both online and offline payment structures, and ② supports various transaction methods such as points and coins in addition to the existing payment methods.

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E-Advanced Point

The E-AP (Ennova – Advanced Point) platform is a platform that can handle the entire process from issuing points to collecting and monitoring points for customers who want to adopt a point scheme. In addition, it supports Ennova's own point, en-Cash, so that points can be exchanged.

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E-AP provides two methods, a standalone installed model and a point-linked model. For a standalone installation, you can use your own point generation method and en-Cash points provided by Ennova.
E-AP provides point-sharing and swappable services through the Ennova Point Hub service.

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Self-Point Installation Type

Provides independent server deployment for businesses seeking point services (use independent points)

Ennova en-Cash point utilization type

Building point services using servers provided by Ennova

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Point Sharing Service

Provides point-swappable services by comparing the value of each company's points

E-Big Data Analysis

The E-BA (Ennova – Big Data Analysis) platform is a platform that provides various statistical information and customized marketing information by analyzing customer propensity through information such as customer transaction details and balances and analyzing the reliability of financial activities.


The E-BA platform is designed to be an extension of its own services, but it can be installed independently and is designed to provide a variety of statistics, user-oriented analysis, and product recommendations based on transaction information. Customers who use E-PG or E-AP can manage their customers using artificial intelligence technology.

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Statistical analysis

Transaction statistics by member, statistics by product (day/week/month/year)


Analysis of user preferences
Product recommendations, etc. (Deep Learning)

Transaction history management

Transaction history management and provision

Personal Credit Analysis

Providing credit information according to Ennova's RM standards

E-Decentralized Identify

E-DI is a blockchain distributed identity management platform that provides users with the initiative for identity information, and is designed with a structure that can be extended when using E-PG and E-AP. This structure enables safer simple payment, remittance, and balance management, and can provide services through redundancy such as management on each platform and identity management on E-DI.

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E-DI(Ennova – Decentralized Identify) platform is designed to be used by user agencies and verification agencies that require identity verification by providing user identity registration and identity verification API based on Private BlockChain.