Facial Recognition Payments

Ennova Holdings connects facial recognition technology with TIER services to facilitate payments and other financial transactions.

Facial Recognition Solutions

Ennova Holdings' facial recognition devices utilize technology that can identify faces and track specific people in real time, and are being used in financial services.
The company provides convenient and efficient contactless and non-face-to-face payment services, and plans to expand the use of the technology to include entertainment content, security products, and employee management systems.



Simple Payments

Make it easy for users to pay with just their face without having to insert a card or enter pin number

Contactless Payment

Pay without touching a payment terminal, highlighted as a hygienic payment method in the global context

Intelligent Management

Intelligent upgraded technology that can be utilized as an operational service, marketing service, and financial service through the backend

Security & Access Control

Utilizing an individual's unique biometrics to enable secure transactions without the risk of lost or stolen access.




Key Features

Facial recognition is a biometric technology that identifies and stores vectors and features of a face, which are then matched against the face of an adopted individual. It consists of a three-step process: face detection, face matching, and recognition results. This enables four possible technologies

High-Accuracy Face Recognition

Completed 50,000 volumes of facial recognition on facial recognition solution devices

Characteristics Analysis

Identify people, track people, analyze age, gender, sentiment, and more

Accuracy of Biometric Identification

Doesn't recognize still images or photos, only faces that are actually moving and alive.

Diversified Networking

Support for Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G network access and cloud interconnection with no place-time restrictions