TIER by Ennova Holdings is a total financial solutions application

Digital Payment for All Without Discrimination

TIER en-Cash is a payment and financial solution for the unbanked and overseas workers in developing countries in Africa and Southeast Asia, with the goal of improving financial access and promoting economic development through fintech integration.

TIER enables simple payment, remittance, top-up, utility bill payment, etc. using en-Cash, and provides various other services such as merchant location information, DID identity authentication, and big data.

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Key Features

Show / Scan QR

Simple Payment Methods :
  • User → Merchant(Show)
  • Merchant → User(Scan)
    Provide above methods of QR Payment

Transfers & Withdrawals(Cash-Out)

  • Sending and receiving en-Cash between TIER users
  • Provide a cash transfer service to my bank account
  • Provide withdrawal(cash-out) services for designated representatives other than yourself

Multiple Top-Up Methods

  • Wire Transfer/EFT
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Deposit-only ATMs


  • Offer point rewards for loyal customers
  • Offer point rewards based on verification levels
  • Reward users with optional ad views and various events

Value Added Services

  • Pay utility bills (electricity and water) and traffic tickets
  • Buy vouchers (Netflix, Google gift cards, etc.)
  • Buy lotto tickets

Manage Transaction History

  • Provide detailed transaction history
  • Analyze transaction history to provide information on consumption patterns and more


  • en-Cash settlement and cycling features for merchants' sales
  • Tipping and staff management features
  • Provide users with a list of offline merchants where they can pay
  • Provide users with quick waypoints and views of nearby merchants
  • Register merchant events and show events that are ongoing

Other Features

  • DID, big data analytics, facial recognition payments, microloans, credit rating, etc.



TIER User App

  • Easy Sign Up
  • Mobile Money en-Cash
  • Various top-up methods available
  • Various withdrawal methods (*Designated representative withdrawal)
  • QR payment function (with tipping function)
  • P2P remittance and QR remittance
  • Offers various events to earn points that can be used like cash

TIER Merchant App

  • Easy Merchant Sign Up (Free Sign Up, Setup Fee X)
  • Easy to accept QR payments & receive settlement payments
  • Designed to make it easy for street merchants to sign up and accept payments
  • Free from complex and expensive POS and card machines
  • Discounted settlement fee rates based on merchant verification level
  • Ultimate Creditor can pay (withdraw) cash to users and provide various benefits
  • Ability to add/remove/manage employees and receive tips